The charming side of Monte Carlo

Everything you have heard about Monte Carlo is completely true.  From the flashy cars to the famous casino and of course, the constant fascination with all things Monaco.  However, there is another calmer and much more charming side of Monte Carlo that I fell in awe with.  Its coastal line is incredible with the endless view of the gorgeous French Riviera.  We rented a car and it was the most breathtaking experience driving up and down that picturesque coastal line with plenty of wonderful chances to stop and admire the most magical view.

While in Monaco, we stayed at the Hotel de Paris and it was a beautiful experience.  It is all about location and the hotel is situated at the heart of all things Monte Carlo.  Our room faced the main square that housed both the famed Paris Cafe as well as the Monte Carlo Casino.  So you can imagine the bustling scene that we witnessed during our stay.  It was always full of curious visitors as well as patrons who came to visit the casino.  I must say the experience was both entertaining and interesting at the same time.

I love the energy and vibrancy that this town has but since we are not gamblers, we spent most of our days driving around the coast and wandering around Monte Carlo.  As well, back in the main town, since everything was in walking distance, we spent a wonderful day exploring the cafes, shops and of course, people watching.  I just fell in love with all the architectural details from the classic French balconies to the perfectly poised buildings enraptured in the most magnificent landscapes that seemed to twinkle under a glorious blue sky.  Although it is a very touristy place, I didn’t feel as if it is any less delightful because of that very fact.  Everyone we encountered was so courteous and especially the staff at the hotel, we had the most pleasant stay and Monaco just became a new favourite city of mine.


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