New Zealand – Part II (South Island)

There are so many beautiful words that I can use to describe our time in New Zealand.  But if I had to sum it up in just one single word, it has to be pure.  My first impression of the North Island was pure paradise with miles and miles of blue ocean.  Riding along the coast was something out of a dream with nothing before or after us, just a stretch of winding roads against the crashing sound of the deep blue sea.  I really thought it was the best of our trip with much of the same awaiting over the South Island.  How absolute wrong I was.  Paradise just became heaven on earth as soon as we set eyes on the new part of our journey.  On the South side, you still have much of the same with vast ocean and mountain backdrops.  However, the colour of the water is really surreal.  It is as clear and green as an emerald.  There is something so captivating about its pureness that you question whether what you are looking at is real.  Everything in New Zealand is about nature and preservation.  You are made to be more aware of the gift Mother Nature has given us and you just feel a huge sense of responsibility to help preserve it, whether here in New Zealand or wherever you may be next.

Here are some of the highlights from our journey around the South Island…

From Wellington to Nelson via the InterIslander Ferry
You can see how the water changes from a deep blue colour to a gorgeous emerald green as we got closer to shore
First glance of life on the South Island
Surfers during our ride from Nelson to Westport
Lake Akaroa, our favourite place on the South side
Helicopter ride in Fox Glacier
Queenstown to Te Anau
Te Anau is the largest lake in New Zealand
Te Anau is the largest lake in New Zealand
Camp Estate in Dunedin with a nearby haunted castle (but we didn´t stay there)  We stayed at the new guest house as shown below
Final leg took us to Mount Cook
Mount Cook
New Zealand is on of those places that you dream your whole life of visiting. It is very far and away from everything else in the world.  We traveled much of the entire country for almost four weeks and the raw beauty just keeps getting better and better each leg of the journey. I wish to go back one day and see more of the country, perhaps during the winter season.  It was a a dream came true and there are so many fond memories that were made during this trip. There are absolute no regrets, just thankful for this incredible once in a lifetime experience.
South Island Hotels:
Nelson – Resurgence Lodge (B&B, a bit rustic, cabin style with comfortable amenities)  Dinner in house with the rest of the guests / 3 1/2 out of 5*
Westport – Freebird Ferry Lodge (B&B, family home) Dinner in house prepared by hosts / 3*
Hammer Springs – Cheltenham House (B&B, wonderful service and room)  Dinner in town /5*
Arakoa – Matua Garden Retreat (B&B, beautiful cottage style room overlooking the mountain)  Dinner in house prepared by hosts /5*
Arthur´s Pass – Wilderness Lodge (Hotel in the middle of the wilderness)  Set menu dinner in house / 3 out of 5*
Fox Glacier – Fox Glacier Hotel (set in a beautiful area but the hotel is nothing to write home about, very basic)  Dinner in town / 2*
Queenstown – Dairy Luxury Boutique Hotel (A beautiful boutique hotel with wonderful service)  Dinner in town /5*
Te Anau – Radfords on the Lake (Practical but nice and comfortable situated on the lake)  Dinner in town /4 out of 5*
Dunedim – Camp Estate (part of the Larnach castle which is haunted, but the estate where we stayed is not)  Very beautiful probably the most beautiful place we have stayed to date /5*
Mount Cook – Hermitage Hotel (large hotel with amazing of the mountain but the room is dated and service is not that great) /3 1/2 out of 5*

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