Modern Day Shanghai

It has always been a dream of ours to visit China.  I guess it is one of those places that you must visit, at least once in your life.  The three week trip would take us first from Shanghai, then to Chengdu to see the lovely pandas, followed by Xiang where the famed terracotta army is, with the final stop in Beijing.

Once again, we did not have any expectations except that it would be quite an experience.  Shanghai was indeed our first stop and we immediately fell in love with the vibrant city.  There is a little bit of everything that this city has to offer.  From its spectacular high risers that lit up every night as if it was New Year´s Eve to the charming French concession filled with cute little shops and chic restaurants.  It is a very beautiful place and with the perfect weather around that time in April, we walked absolutely everywhere, taking in every facet of this lively city.

Here are some of our favourite sights of Shanghai and next up in a separate post, Chengdu…

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