Long Weekend in Santiago, Chile

The last time we were in Chile was approximately five years ago.  Much have changed since then, for the better of course.  We are not staying very long this time, just a long weekend but I think that was enough to see what is around Santiago.  The city is very beautiful and cosmopolitan with lots of restaurants and beautiful parks to wonder about.  It is the beginning of Autumn and you can see the fresh gorgeous snow up in the mountain not far from the city sight.

For a change of scenery, we went on a day trip to the Casablanca Valley which is about one and a half by car from Santiago and visited a beautiful organic winery called Vinedos Emiliana.  And a visit to the wine region would not be complete without a lovely lunch at the House of Morande literally down the street from the Vinedos vineyard.  We sat outside under the sun amongst the weekenders next to a sprawling path of lush greenery and indulged ourselves in a lunch that I can only described as intoxicating.  True bliss…

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