Heaven on Earth in Santorini, Greece

It was one of those trips that I will never forget. We were living in London at the time and thought a few days in Santorini was in order since we have heard so much about the beautiful island. But words alone cannot describe how the most simplistic place can be so blissfully stunning at the same time. It was as if we have stepped into a world of pure charm and allurement that do not seem to exist anywhere else. It was an island unto itself surrounded by the deepest blue sea and the sky so clear you can see the ocean stretching out into the far distance.

The time was late August and we arrived at the Perivolas Hotel in Oia, Santorini, for a few days of sunshine and complete relaxation. Perivolas sits on top of the hill and amongst a stretch of glimmering white structures at the heart of Oia. Each room comes with private terrace and a breathtaking view of the sea and all its remarkable beauty. It was a very quiet oasis serving more as a blank canvas to the immense view that surrounds the hotel. And together with the spectacular location, the privacy and simple elegance of the suite, it was truly paradise in every sense of the word, not to mention the hotel’s impressive infinity pool below.

Spectacular view from our suite


And at sundown

Not very far from the hotel is an area called Amoudi Bay with outdoor restaurants serving fresh delicious seafood. This was where we had one of the longest, most delightful and romantic meals all the while mesmerized by the gorgeous blue sea.

At night after the sun has set, a brief stroll into the centre of Oia where along the way, you can pause and take in more of the fascinating beauty of the island itself. It has to be the most romantic place I have ever been to, in all of its pure and simple beauty. Here, as if time did stand still and the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the life you see before you, without any sense of being rush or feeling like you have to be somewhere else. It made you feel that it was your moment to relish without any worries in the world.

One of the things we highly recommend is to charter a private catamaran for a day of exploration around the island itself. With all of its glorious vast ocean space, an opportunity to travel around the island is a chance of a lifetime, something that you will remember and cherish forever. And as we were on our very own adventure of exploring, swimming and snorkeling off the coast of Santorini, these are some of the stunning views we came across.

Throughout all of our travels, it is quite rare when we come across a place that has such a personal impact on us. Oia, Santorini is what I call my “own heaven on earth” to go back to. It is not only about the surreal blue sea, opulent sky, lovely people and delicious food but there is something more simple and magical. It has a profound effect as if I am forever in a dreamlike state of mind, that the place is entirely random and far apart from anything we have come to know during our travels.












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