Falling in love with Paris, all over again…

It must have been around seven years since I last visited Paris and I was in need of some fresh inspirations.  And to be completely honest, I was very apprehensive this time because I know how much social media has changed the way we travel.  For better or for worse, traveling nowadays is so much more focus on being seen rather than seeing.  Traveling is something my husband and I have been doing since we first met, which is over a decade ago so for us, it is important that we continue to enjoy ourselves no matter how much the world has evolved since then.  Coming back to Paris is so exciting but I had no idea what to expect. And not to my surprise, the city is flocked with tourists and social media personalities who came hoping to capture that iconic shot in front of the city’s most beautiful sights.  I stood back, took in the beauties I came to know and love for such a long time and moved on.  We just wanted to immerse ourselves and appreciating all the little details around us.  We didn’t really set foot on any of the iconic sights but instead, admired them from afar and explored other parts of this magnificent city that are more quiet and certainly not at all popular in accordance to social media standards.  And you know what, it was by far the most wonderful memories I have of Paris in a very long time.  The weather was absolutely perfect and Fall is just beginning to show itself so there was this delightful warm glow.  We were there for just a day but I left with my heart full of joy and inspirations because, with anything in life, it is always best to walk your own path than follow where the rest of the crowds were heading.  It is more liberating to live by your own code and Paris is the most beautiful and peaceful city to wander to get lost, not just to be seen…


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